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Reflecting on Leadership Insights: A Morning at Meet For Good

As an office manager dedicated to promoting a successful workplace culture, attending events that inspire growth and innovation is not just a choice but a necessity for me. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in another inspiring morning at Meet For Good, an event celebrating four years of insights, collaboration and sportsmanship. Hosted by Pete Rhodes and Paul Taylor, this gathering brought together a community of forward-thinking partners and businesses passionate about high performance and the power of teamwork.

One of the highlights of the event was James Kerr’s exploration into the workings of high-performing teams, focusing on the legendary success of the All Blacks rugby team. Through James Kerr’s engaging presentation, we were introduced to the 15 mantras that have propelled the All Blacks to extraordinary results, leaving a mark on our understanding of leadership and teamwork.

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Reflecting on the wisdom shared, there were several key takeaways that resonated deeply with my role as a leader:

“Performance = capability x behaviour”: This equation just summarises the essence of effective leadership, emphasising the role of behaviour in achieving optimal performance.

“Leadership happens at every level, we all have leadership in us”: It’s about empowering individuals at every level to lead by example and take ownership of their actions. Showing that just because you do not have ‘leader’ or ‘manager’ in your title does not mean that you are not capable of leadership, whether that be your own or of others.

“Don’t tell people what to do, ask people what they think”: By encouraging an environment of open communication and mutual respect, leaders can empower their teams to contribute genuinely and take ownership of their actions.

“Leadership is about caring and compassion”: For me true leadership entails genuine concern for the well-being and development of others. Creating a workplace of trust, belonging, and support is so important for dependent leaders and success.

“Trust others to fix it even if they mess it up, praise them and don’t always look for the faults”: An environment of trust and support encourages initiative and innovation, even in the face of failure. Instead of fault-finding, leaders should focus on recognising and nurturing the strengths and initiatives of their team members.

As I reflect on these insights, I’m reminded of the responsibility that comes with leadership – the responsibility to inspire and empower the best in those around us. It’s not only about directing others but about creating an environment/workplace where everyone thrives and contributes their best.

These insights serve me as guiding principles to me in my approach to leadership, helping now with my interactions with team members and changing the culture of our workplace. Embracing values of authenticity and humility, I strive to create an environment where every individual feels valued, empowered and inspired to reach their full potential.

Meet For Good events express the spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement, providing a platform for all different professionals to connect, learn, and grow together at which I am honoured to have been a part of. 

Written by Hannah Pearse.