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Remote Server Configuration

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Welcome to our Remote Server Configuration service!

At LogicBarn, we offer comprehensive expertise in setting up, configuring, and managing servers to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our team specializes in various aspects of server management, including:

Server Expertise:

Linux/Unix Proficiency:
Our team is well-versed in Linux/Unix operating systems, enabling us to build and manage robust server environments on these platforms.

Control Panel Mastery:
We excel in configuring and managing control panels such as cPanel/WHM, Plesk, CWP, and Virtualmin/Webmin, making server management user-friendly and efficient.

Containerization Excellence:
Proficiency in Docker and Kubernetes allows for streamlined application deployment and management.

Cloud Technology Specialists:
Expertise in AWS, Azure, and other leading cloud platforms ensures optimized performance and scalability of your cloud infrastructure.

Automation with Ansible:
We leverage Ansible to automate tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Nagios Configuration:
Our experts configure and manage Nagios for robust network monitoring and proactive issue resolution.

WHMCS Billing Automation:
Proficient in WHMCS, ensuring efficient and accurate billing processes.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
Automated installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux save time and ensure consistency in setup.

Storage Management:
Expert management of partitions, file systems, and flexible storage with LVM for optimized data storage and retrieval.

User Management and Administration:
Streamlined user administration and permissions for efficiency and security.

Scripting Proficiency:
Advanced knowledge of Shell and Perl scripting for task automation and effective troubleshooting.

Software Management:
From installation to ongoing management, ensuring smooth operation of software applications.

Kernel Tuning:
Fine-tuning server kernels and parameters for optimized performance and resource allocation.

Patch Management:
Keeping systems up to date by managing installations of patches and packages.

FTP and NFS:
Effective handling of file sharing with FTP and administration of NFS configurations.

Job Scheduling with CRON:
Automating processes using CRON for operational efficiency.

Virtualization Mastery:
Specialization in various virtualization technologies like XEN, KVM, OpenVZ, VMWARE, VirtualBox, or Proxmox.

Software RAID Configuration:
Implementing software RAID solutions for data redundancy and protection.

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Web Server Expertise:
Deep knowledge extending to web servers like Apache, Litespeed, and Nginx for optimal web application performance.

SolusVM Proficiency:
Efficient virtual server management with deep knowledge of SolusVM.

Server and Website Migrations:
Seamless migrations with minimal downtime and data loss.

SSL Certificate Management:
Handling SSL certificate generation and installation for secure online communications.

IPMI and KVM Console Management:
Proficiency in IPMI and KVM console management for remote server administration.

Billing Module Management:
Efficient management of billing modules like WHMCS, Vision, osTicket, or HostBill.

Comprehensive Server Management:
Expert management of VPS, shared, and dedicated servers for optimized resources and reliable performance.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting:
Nagios monitoring ensures system health, with prompt troubleshooting for any performance-related issues.

Antivirus Solutions:
Installation and troubleshooting for server and network security against virus-related threats.