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Innovative artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare industry.

LogicBarn is a forward-looking IT & AI service provider with the vision of pursuing the best in technological innovations.

AI-based toolkits in healthcare

LogicBarn, as a pioneering IT company foresees the newest generation of Artificial Intelligence as the milestone in reinventing the healthcare and medical sector. There is no doubt that the Healthcare and Medical sector needs efficiency, particularly today, with the growing complexity and rise of data. LogicBarn is a forward-looking IT service provider with the vision of pursuing the best in technological innovations.

Why should you choose us?

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Globally recognised AI partner

Looking for artificial intelligence (AI) service providers? LogicBarn has gained global recognition as a progressive AI and machine learning partner, throughout our corporate vocation spanning over a decade. While being renowned for our versatile data training capabilities, we deliver an array of applications to our global clients who have top-notched their respective industries.

Case Studies

Recent examples of our AI and machine learning strengths

LogicBarn is now firmly established as a reliable and progressive partner for the world’s AI and machine vision leaders. Below are a couple of recent projects we completed.


This project is developed to provide a digital healthcare service. Due to the pandemic situation, the general public had to face a lot of difficulties while accessing the public health system. Therefore, to overcome these problems, LogicBarn introduced the concept of the Virtual Healthcare service.

National Digital Health Service

This system is working as a digital platform for the national health sector. It provides a unique health ID to every registered citizen and that allows doctors and healthcare centers to access citizen’s health records when required. In addition, the system provideas a virtual consultation service (telemedicine).
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We are a progressive AI and machine learning partner for the world’s healthcare industry leaders

From training of data sets in developing machine learning models for global AI heavyweights, to full scale in-house development of AI focused software, LogicBarn’s AI and machine learning team is at the forefront of an industry that is transforming how we live. Our diverse video and image annotation services as well as our voluminous data mining capabilities, allow our clients great flexibility in predicting patterns and trends, in supporting perceptive machine behaviour, and in enabling AI, toward the betterment of people, the betterment of life.

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