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Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed!

Many offices share the same characteristics of a Swan. Graceful and sleek on the outside yet underneath the water the feet are busy beavering away, propelling the Swan forwards unbeknown to the casual eye. The same can be said for your networking and cabling set up in the office. Normally the part nobody really pays attention to when infact it’s one of the most vital elements of your office infrastructure, yet rarely gets the care and attention if deserves.

The IT support team at LogicBarn recently took on a messy cable networking safety project. As you can see in the example picture this was a mammoth task and not one for the faint hearted. The main reasons for a project such as this needing doing are as follows:

  • Fire Hazard
  • Complicated Repairs
  • Reliability Issues
  • Over-Heating
  • Limited Expansion Options

The obvious issue is safety and fire hazard risk. Extensions plugged into other extensions and overloaded can quickly become a danger and a risk to the office and staff. Especially if there is no cooling procedure involved such as a fan or air conditioning. This reason alone is why you should ensure a professional and experienced networking specialist is involved with your set up and networking install.  Our cable network set up services include all power set up options as well to minimise this risk.

The next obvious reason is reliability and repair. In the before picture you can clearly see that should anything go wrong in terms of network or internet access then there is little chance of quickly finding the problem and fixing the issue, resulting in a delay of the service you provide.  Having a clean and organised networking set up means should anything go wrong it’s easier to pin-point the problem and fix it quicker, meaning less downtime for your business as a result.

The experienced IT support and networking specialists team here at LogicBarn can resolve any IT networking issue and update your present infrastructure to one that is future proof, easy to expand and more importantly safe and reliable.  We can work on any sized project from a small office to large scale call centre and each project gets the care and attention to detail as if it was out own office.  For many businesses, a reliable network is essential to the smooth running of the company and to allow employees to perform at the peak of their capabilities without being hindered by slow network speeds or unreliable wi-fi.

 LogicBarn can build you a brand new network from scratch, factoring in all your requirements and the amount of users and devices connected, or we can upgrade your present set up to bring it up to present safety and usage needs. We can visit your location to give you an accurate quote and survey the premises to see exactly what is needed. We also offer an excellent aftercare service, and we can provide ongoing network support at all times for your business. Allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter when it comes to running a business. Speak to the team here at LogicBarn Tech today to discuss your network installation and IT support requirements.